Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Petaluma History Museum Panel Program "The Changing Role of Women in the Dairy Industry"

Petaluma History Museum hosted a panel dicussion on
"The Changing Role of Women in the Dairy Industry"
North Bay Dairy Women members Jolynn McClelland & Joyce Leveroni
along with Nicolina Mulcahy from Dairy Council of California were participants.

Katherine Rinehart from the Petaluma History Museum introduced the panel.
Katherine was instrumental in the Museum Dairy Exhibit and Events that took place over the year.

She did an outstanding job & North Bay Dairy Women thank her for her work!

Gaye LeBaron acted as moderator...and did a great job.
Panelists Jennifer Bice & North Bay Dairy Woman Margaret Gambonini.
Other panelists included North Bay Dairy Women Marilyn Herzog and Dot Holtz

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