Friday, October 22, 2010

Petaluma Youth Ag Day, September 24, 2010

In September the Dairy Women again participated in Petaluma Youth Day.
Petaluma Youth Ag Day is co-hosted by the Agri-Business Committee of Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce and the Sonoma Marin Fair.
Here the students arrive at our cheese table for a sample of local cheese. We purchased and handed out 30 pounds of cheese cubes (Cheddar and Colby-Jack) from Petaluma Creamery.
He's looking like a happy taster!

President Audrey Wheeler & Susan Bianchi add picks to the cheese cubes.

Susan & Renee Renati showing off their skills.

Renee, Chris Camozzi & Jessica McIsaac man the sample table.

The groups were smaller this year....but that was because they added one more "herd" to the group movement. It worked very well for crowd control.
Petaluma FFA students acted as "Herd Leaders". They always do a great job.

Kim Jones gives a dairy presentation to a full grand stand.
Her assistant, Vic Pozzi, is always a willing and smiling helper.

Kim brought this holstein over to the fence for the pre-schoolers to meet.
Kim does an awesome job talking to the students and she smiles the whole time.

Vic Pozzi, Kim Jones, Tim Tesconi and Ralph Sartori talk about the days activities (or something?!). All assisted in the days events, putting out good information about the local ag community and the products we produce.

Santa Rosa Jr. College Ag Ambassadors were on the job manning a booth near ours.
The students could play in a trough full of whole corn at the SRJC booth.

Connie & Jackie Jones share a smile and a chicken!
Wish I would have asked "which came first, the chicken or the egg"?
I know these two would have had the answer for me.

"Clo" was on duty and showed off her Crown Trophy.
Below, 4-Hers staff the bunny petting table, always a hit with the students.
These 4-Hers do a nice job handling and sharing their rabbits.
A "cowboy" takes a ride on a bronc!

Valley Vista Elementary School 1st Place poster.
Grant School 1st Place mural.

Snack Station with S-M Fair manager Pat Conklin on duty (left, purple shirt & dark glasses).
Students are given regular or chocolate milk, mini carrots & Barbara's cookies.
During this time the students sit in the stands or on the lawn and are given a presentation.
This year they got to watch sheep being sheared.
A few minutes rest and they are back to their touring.
2010 Petaluma Youth Ag day helpers: Renee Renati, Sue McIsaac, President Audrey Wheeler, Susan Bianchi, Chris Camozzi and seated Jessica McIsaac.
Thank you ladies for your help.

Also, thank you to the Sonoma Marin Fair and PACC Agri-Business Committee. This is an outstanding example of agriculture partners teaming up to educate our youngsters.
Some of those involved in the planning & production of the event include North Bay Dairy Women members Becky Chapman (Agri-Bus. Committee Chair), Ruth McClure, Edie Cheda and Margaret Gambonini. Others helping from the committee are John Martin, Pat Conklin, Mike Tomasini, Jay Palm and Herm Benedetti (with apologies to any I have missed).

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