Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest--Cheese Social & Introduction of Contestants

Welcome to
"The Land of Milk & Honey"
The 55th Annual District #3 Dairy Princess contest was held on Saturday, April 14, 2012
Co-Sponsored by:
California Milk Advisory Board &
North Bay Dairy Women
Miss Amanda Moretti
2011-12 Dairy Princess
Amanda and her Alternate Samantha Spaletta have done an outstanding job representing our dairy industry this past year.  Thank you Amanda & Samantha!
There were 10 amazing contestants this year.
Pictured from left to right are:
Ashley Hawkins, Michelle McClure, Samantha Maas, Jessie Jones, Megan Morgan, Danielle Dolcini, Suzanne Amaral, Jenna Bergstedt, Cassandra Redding & Karen De La Torre.
Escorts behind them are:
Justin Kehoe, Jordan Mahrt, Eric Neles, Michael Guerrero, Blayke Thorson, Peter Maselli, Zach Cipriano, Andrew Caramango, Tanner Berncich, Jack Perez, Reilley Dolcini.
Not pictured is Travis Simpson.

The stage is ready and the tables are set!

Dairy Princess Amanda & Alternate Samantha introduce themselves at the Cheese Social.
If you are wondering, the Cheese Social is a quick start to the nights events.  The Co-Chair representatives from North Bay Dairy Women & California Milk Advisory Board meet with the Committee Members, Judges, Contestants, Escorts & Sponsors for a brief cheese tasting & social time.
The contestants introduce themselves & their escorts to those attending and have a few minutes to mingle with the judges and committee in an informal event. 
The girls are presented a gift by the California Milk Advisory Rep, this year Jerry Corda had that duty.
Chair Judy Buttke presents our Emcee, Ralph Sartori with a gift and everyone takes a few minutes to try and relax before the onstage event begins.
2011-12 Dairy Princess Miss Amanda Moretti begins introductions with Escort Reilly Dolcini
2011-12 Alternate Dairy Princess Miss Samantha Spaletta introduces her Escort Zach Cipriano

The ten contestants & their escorts:
Suzanne Amaral from Sonoma & Escort Travis Simpson
Megan Morgan from Petaluma & Escort Blayke Thorson
Danielle Dolcini from Nicasio & Escort Peter Maselli

Jessie Jones from Santa Rosa & Escort Michael Guerrero

Samantha Maas from Petaluma & Escort Eric Neles

Jenna Bergstedt from Petaluma & Escort Andrew Caramango

Karen De La Torre from Petaluma & Escort Jack Perez

Cassandra Redding from Sebastopol & Escort Tanner Berncich

Michelle McClure from Inverness & Escort Jordan Mahrt

Ashley Hawkins from Petaluma & Escort Justin Kehoe

Our Chairperson & North Bay Dairy Women President
Judy Buttke with grandson Ryan

Milk Maids for this contest are:
Janelle Kehoe, Regina Pozzi, Janet Kracker, Jessie Peterson, Makenzie Floyd,
Shelby Cover and Callie Marsh.
The Milk Maids help out with some of the jobs on the afternoon & night of the contest.  They serve at the rehearsal luncheon, take tickets, pass out milk & ice cream and get to be in a bit of contact with the current contestants.
We hope to see these girls as contestants in the near future.  Thank you girls!

CMAB Board Rep Jerry Corda presenting a gift to Jenna Bergstedt

and to Jessie Jones.
Chairperson Judy Buttke & Emcee Ralph Sartori.

Terrific representation for District #3 Dairy Industry.
! Good Luck to all!!

Next Up: Stage Interviews & Contest Highlights

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