Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 Sonoma County Fair Ag Education

Sonoma County Fair Ag Education Booth
North Bay Dairy Women again staffed a booth at the
Sonoma County Fair Dairy Barn on days of both
Junior & Open Dairy Exhibition.
Chair Susan Bianchi coordinated all exhibits & staffing.
Here NBDW President Judy & member Melissa Lema (of WUD)
staff the feeds & information table.
Susan very much enjoys this part of "Dairy Ed", taking photos
of a calf & fair goers.  Though most are children, a few adults join in
getting their photo taken.
Dairy Women "instant print" the photos so that fair goers can take home
a picture of themself with the calf.
Thank you to the exhibitors that shared their calf with us this year:
Rocco Cunningham, Amanda Charles & Jack Stafford.
Everyone loves the calves!
Also at the information booth we had running our presentation on the dairy industry
funded by a grant from California Milk Advisory Board.
 Feed & Information table was staffed & questions answered.
Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral greeted barn visitors.
*Yes, the face is blurred on purpose.
Here Susan Bianchi answers questions from visitors watching the milking.
Alternate Dairy Princess Michelle McClure helped too.
Here are some of the many, many calf & kid photos taken. 
The faces have been blurred on purpose for privacy.

This is a great photo...don't know who was enjoying it more,
the calf or the young boy!

Thank you especially to Susan Bianchi for heading up this big project.
Thanks to those who helped at Dairy Education Booth at Sonoma County Fair
Including (and apologies to anyone missed): 
Rebecca Spaletta, Bea Charles, Margaret & George Gambonini, Melissa Lema, Chris Camozzi, Cindy Bordessa, Ryan Beretta, Kristy Spaletta, Emilie Strand, Janice Kehoe,
Dot & Earl Holtz, Nancy Chaffin, Dayna Ghirardelli, Joyce Leveroni, Judy Buttke, Sue McIsaac, Paulette Swallow, Taylor Serres, Ellen Durrer, Marie Riebli, and  Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral, 1st Alternate Michelle McClure and 2nd Alternate Samantha Maas.
Also a HUGE thank you to those who loaned us a calf (all of whom were cooperative and photogenic) Rocco Cunningham, Amanda Charles & Jack Stafford.

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