Thursday, June 28, 2012

"June Dairy Month" Proclamation

On June 13, 2012 the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors declared "June National Dairy Month".

District #3 Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral and North Bay Dairy Women President Judy Buttke were on hand for the announcement.  Suzanne gave a short talk about the local dairy industry and Judy presented the board with homemade cookies and cold milk.  (Thank you Susan Bianchi for the delicious baking!)

Second District Supervisor David Rabbitt, Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral, North Bay Dairy Women President Judy Buttke and Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner Tony Linegar.
Press Release can be viewed here: Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
Also included in the press article are some fun facts & statistics.

Here is an article posted in Petaluma Patch

Thank you to the Board of Supervisors, especially David Rabbitt and to Ag Commissioner Tony Linegar.
Also, thank you Judy & Suzanne for making a presentation and to Andrea Krout for keeping our industry on the forefront!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"JUNE Dairy Baby"

2012 brought 2 "June Dairy Babies"

Dairy Baby Emily
Dairy Baby Mason

Let's go with ladies first!
Emily was born on June 1, 2012 at Petaluma Valley Hospital.
She weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz.
Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral presented her parents with a gift basket stuffed with
"cow" items and dairy products.  A little birdie even said that Suzanne got to hold little Emily.
Congratulations to Emily & her family!!!
Suzanne (and Cindy Bordessa) also presented the nurses with a dairy food gift basket.

Mason James was born on June 1, 2012 at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa.
He weighed 7 lbs., 7 oz.

And now a "disclosure statement"!
Mason is going to be a Dairy Women favorite....because his Nana is our President Judy Buttke.
No getting around it that we are all happy for the Buttke family that Mason arrived on "Dairy Day"!!!
Parents Nick & Amber welcomed him home to the family dairy, along with big brothers
Lane & Nicholas.  Doesn't everyone look happy in this photo.
Nick & Amber also received a "Dairy Baby Basket" stuffed with cow and dairy gifts.

Congratulations to both Emily and Mason on being the
North Bay Dairy Women 2012 Dairy Babies!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest-Awards & Crowning 2012 Dairy Princess

Presentation of Awards & Crowning of
2012-13 District #3 Dairy Princess & Alternates

2011-12 District #3 Dairy Princess
Miss Amanda Moretti
Amanda shares some of the fun & excitement of her year
and thanks her family, friends, North Bay Dairy Women,
California Milk Advisory Board and many others
for making her year a great one.
Thank you Amanda for a job well done!
2011-12 Alternate Princess Samantha Spaletta
comes onstage.  Amanda thanked Samantha for all
her help over the past year.
Two girls, two princess, two friends since birth!
North Bay Dairy Women President Judy Buttke
presents the Bernice Hadermann Memorial Scholarship to
Anthony Bordessa.
Judy also presents the
Florence Gilardoni Memorial Scholarship to
Miss Suzanne Amaral.
Amanda awaits the results!

Miss Maria Camozzi, the 2011 Isolena Maestretti
"Miss Vitality" winner comes onstage to present
the 2012 "Miss Vitality" award....
the winner is Suzanne Amaral.
The award is selected by the contestants themselves.

Judges for the contest this year are:
Mr. Joe Macon, Northern California Farm Credit Branch Manager
Mrs. Carolina Evangelo, from District #7 Dairy Princess Committee
Dr. Marit Arana, Nutritionist at A. L. Gilbert Company
2012-13 2nd Alternate Dairy Princess
Miss Samantha Maas

2012-13 1st Alternate Dairy Princess
Miss Michelle McClure

2012-13 District #3 Dairy Princess
Miss Suzanne Amaral


Dairy Princess Suzanne thanks everyone, including
North Bay Dairy Women & California Milk Advisory Board

Suzanne and her "Miss Vitality" Award
Dairy Princess Suzanne with her crown, sash,
engraved milk pitcher and beautiful yellow roses.
The ten beautiful contestants!

"The Dairy Court"

Samantha, Suzanne & Michelle
Incoming Princess Suzanne & Outgoing Princess Amanda
Suzanne with her family, sister Alina (a former alternate princess),
mom Doreen & Dad John.

Amanda & future Dairy Princesses!

Fun Time at the Ball!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest---Contest & Highlights

The Onstage Contest
The contestants, judges & assorted committee members arrive early on the day of the contest.
The contestants are interviewed individually by the panel of 3 judges, they rehearse their prepared question and onstage appearance, followed by lunch with the judges & Co-Chair Representatives.  Then there is more rehearsal, primping and excitement builds.  Following the Cheese Social, the girls are each interviewed before the audience & judges by Emcee Ralph Sartori.

While the girls are occupied with their on and off stage interviews, the North Bay Dairy Women have been busy making the hall into a beautiful setting.  This year's theme is "Land of Milk & Honey" and the decorations are yellow and black, bees & cows, flowers & milk cans.  The room always looks lovely for the nighttime event.
Thank you goes to all those talented ladies (and a few men helpers)!!
 Proud father Mike Moretti escorts his princess Amanda on stage.
 Emcee Ralph Sartori welcomes everyone.

And the 2012-13 District #3 Dairy Princess Contestants take the stage...
Contestant #1 Suzanne Amaral
 Suzanne's Sponsor is
John & Holly Camozzi Ranch

 Contestant #2 Megan Morgan
Megan's Sponsor is
Jeff Mixon Hay Transport

 Contestant #3 Danielle Dolcini
Danielle's Sponsor is
Beretta Dairy

 Contestant #4 Samantha Maas
 Samantha's Sponsor is
Silacci Ag Services

 Escort Eric Neles "searches" for Samantha's prepared question!
This is an ongoing role of the escorts, to see what creative way they can come up
with to present Ralph with the question.

Contestant #5 is Jessie Jones 
 Jessie's Sponsor is
Buttke Dairy

 Contestant #6 is Jenna Bergstedt
 Jenna's Sponsor is
Sonoma Marin Veterinary Services

 Contestant #7 is Karen De La Torre
 Karen's Sponsor is
DeBernardi Dairy Inc.

 Contestant #8 is Cassandra Redding
Her escort, Tanner Berncich gets down on his knee
to present the question to Ralph!

 Cassandra's Sponsor is
Sevall, Thwaites & Soper Insurance Agency

 Contestant #9 is Michelle McClure
 Michelle's Sponsor is
Valley View Dairy

 Contestant #10 is Ashley Hawkins
 Ashley's Sponsor is
Gerald Spaletta Dairy

Following the stage intervies Ralph introduces Co-Chair Representatives:
Jerry Corda, California Milk Advisory Board Alternate Board Member
Judy Buttke (a woman of many hats!) is here as the current
North Bay Dairy Women President

 Both thank the committee, sponsors, contestants, helpers,
donors, families & friends of the local Dairy Insdustry.

Outgoing Princess Amanda Moretti returns to the stage.
The judges have been excused to make their final decisions and
Amanda has a few things to say about her year as
District #3 Dairy Princess.

Next up: Scholarship & Award Winners & Crowning of new Dairy Princess Court.