Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014 Rose Grossi Scholarship Winner

The 2014 Rose Grossi Memorial Scholarship recipient
is Jack Strozzi from Tomales High School.
North Bay Dairy Women President Susan Bianchi presented the award to Jack at the Tomales High School Awards Night and at the Sonoma Marin Fair Awards Program.
Susan & Jack at Fair Awards
(Photo Courtesy Mike Harris)
Congratulations Jack!!
We would like to share the essay that Jack wrote as part of the application.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rose Grossi Memorial Scholarship

Rose Grossi Memorial Scholarship
Application for 2014
Postmark due March 15, 2014

The Rose Grossi Memorial Scholarship is a $500 cash award, sponsored by the North Bay Dairy Women. To be eligible to apply for the Rose Grossi Memorial Scholarship, you must be a high school senior (boy or girl), who is pursuing an education and career in the field of Agriculture. Applications are now available and you can download yours here!

Completed applications must include ALL of the following:
1. A copy of your academic record
2. Two letters of recommendation (see attached form); One from a faculty member within your major area of study and the other from someone other than a family member
3. Your one page essay

Applications must be Completed and Postmarked on or before March 15, 2014.  Incomplete applications or applications postmarked after March 15th will not be considered. Please e-mail us at if you have any questions.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest

The Contest
District #3 Dairy Princess
The 2013-14 Contestants: Regina Pozzi, Callie Marsh, Makenzie Floyd,
Francesca Gambonini and Jessie Peterson.
Jessie is interviewed by Rich.

Jessie's Escort Ty Renati finds her interview question
in a rather large envelope in his pocket.
Rich talks with Francesca.

Francesca's escort Bill Dellinger found a calendar in his pocket.
Callie speaks to the audience, answering her interview question,
while her Escort Isreal Ornelas waits.

Rich chats with Makenzie about her life and future plans.
Makenzie's Escort Cole Pruett.

Regina's escort Bryan Rocha looks for the "question card"
in his pockets, finding his keys in the process.
The escorts all performed this little ritual well this year,
 keeping a light moment and making Master of Ceremonies Rich Silacci wonder!
They kept the audience laughing.

Chair Judy Buttke & California Milk Advisory Board Representative Jerry Corda (Judy's brother) had a few thoughts and words for the audience.

Outgoing Princess Suzanne Amaral is escorted
onstage by Escort Kyle Bianchi.
Outgoing Princess Suzanne Amaral introduces and thanks her alternates
Samantha Maas and Michelle McClure for their help over the past year.

Suzanne gave a nice talk about her events & activities as Dairy Princess
and thanked those who were important in helping her over the past year.
Thank you, Suzanne, for a job well done!!
Next up....Special Awars & Coronation of 2013-14
District #3 Dairy Princess

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest

Cheese Social

For those of you who wonder what the Cheese Social is about,
here is a little bit of info and some photos.
Many years ago, the District #3 Dairy Princess Contest Committee hosted a sit down dinner PRIOR to the contest and ball, after all day of interviews & rehearsals.
 The judges, contestants, escorts, committee members, current dairy princess and alternates and other invited guests sat down to a full dinner.
Then the girls would proceed to the stage for interviews, announcement of award winners and dancing, with a buffet dinner for those attending the event late in the evening.
With the ever increasing cost of this dinner, and knowing that some of the contestants were too nervous to enjoy a meal, it was decided to eliminate this pre-ball dinner.
Instead, a Cheese Social was organized and has proven to be a nice way for the contestants, judges and committee and more recently the candidate sponsors to sample a few local cheeses,
and mingle with each other without so much pressure. 
The contestants and current princesses enter the social and introduce their escort, then mingle with the small group.  The girls are presented gifts from California Milk Advisory Board, our esteemed Chair Judy Buttke says a few words and we all try to speak a word of support to the contestants individually.
It is a very nice time and the one & only "perk" of being a committee member,
besides all the fun planning & working.
Photos of the 2013 Cheese Social
Outgoing Princesses, Contestants & Escorts
Left to Right:
Escort Kyle Bianchi, 2012-13 Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral, 2012-13, Escort Jake Ielmorini, 1st Alt. Princess Michelle McClure, Escort Justin Bibee, 2012-13 2nd Alt. Princess Smantha Maas, Escort Ty Renati, Contestant Jessie Peterson,  Escort Bill Dellinger, Contestant Francesca Gambonini, Escort Cole Pruett, Contestant Makenzie Floyd, Escort Isreal Ornelas, Contestant Callie Marsh, Escort Bryan Rocha, Contestant Regina Pozzi.
2012-13 Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral, 2nd Alt. Samantha Maas, 1st Alt. Michelle McClure
enjoying the cheese samples and sharing the California Milk Advisory logo board.
Chair Judy Buttke (center) & 2nd Alt. Samantha
and committee members Clarette McDonald, Susan Bianchi, Monique Moretti & Ann Corda.

Dayna Ghirardelli, 1991 Dairy Princess and one of the contest coordinators
with Milk Maids Gianna Moretti & Marissa Bordessa.

Contestant Jessie Peterson, Committee members Anne Kehoe & Susan Bianchi, Milk Maid Renee Bianchi & Committee member & decorating chair Paulette Swallow.

Chair Judy presenting Master of Ceremonies Rich Silacci with his gift, a cooler
stuffed full of local goods and dairy products.

Committee member Sue McIsaac with contestant Regina Pozzi
& Alt. Princess Michelle McClure.

Jerry Corda, alternate rep for California Milk Advisory Board
presents candidate Callie Marsh with a special gift from the Board
while Dayna Ghirardelli looks on.

Milk Maids Julianna Bibee &  Ellorine Carle serving a selection of local cheeses.
The Milk Maids are another helpful part of the contest each year.
These girls are, for the most part, not eligible to run due to age, but are interested in the program.
They help out during the day of the contest, serving lunch, helping at the cheese social and taking tickets, etc. at the buffet. 
Julianna Bibee, Renee Bianchi, Marissa Bordessa, Gianna Moretti, Gina Piccinini,
 Ellorine Carle, Jessica Wells and Gianna Pendleton.
Thank you to the Milk Maids for the great job this year and we hope to
see you all as contestants in 2014!
(Photos Courtesy

Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest

Second Up....Contestants & Judges
2012-13 District #3 Dairy Princess Suzanne Amaral
Suzanne has done a great job representing the district for the past year.
This year we had five beautiful girls competing for the
District #3 Dairy Princess Crown.
Makenzie Floyd from Sebastopol
Francesca Gambonini from Petaluma
Callie Marsh from Petaluma
Jessie Peterson from Petaluma

Regina Pozzi from Petaluma
The contestants arrived at the hall early Saturday morning and soon began preparing for personal interviews with the judges.
This year the judges were:
Joe Macon, Branch Manager of Northern California Farm Credit 
Lori Marchy, Dairy Producer & Counselor at Turlock High School 

 Nisa Gallichio, Marketing Assistant with World Wide Sires

The Master of Ceremonies was
Rich Silacci, Dairy Herd Manager at Cal Poly State University
 Next up.....Cheese Social.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest

2013 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest
April 13, 2012

First Up....Set Up for the Event
On April 13 North Bay Dairy Women and California Milk Advisory Board
hosted the 56th Annual District #3 Dairy Princess Contest & Ball.
Our Contest Chair, Judy Buttke, did another outstanding job of organizing the event.

The theme this year was "Moo-la-Lah".
Thank you to all the ladies & a few good men who turned out to help decorate & prepare for the Saturday night event.  Decorations were under the direction of Paulette Swallow.
Here are a few photos from Friday.

The only (not so good) photo of Paulette!
Helpers are Howard Wilson & Janice Kehoe.
  Cathy Nommsen, Melissa Lema, Annette Grossi, Linda Moretti & Shirley Bianchi
at the task everyone loves to hate...silverware wrapping.
 Centerpieces by Barbie Brooks.
Clarette McDonald & Kristy Spaletta work on the photo board.
 Stage decorations taking shape with Chris Camozzi, Angie Bordessa, Judy Buttke, Rachael Cheda, Mike Moretti & Susan Bianchi.
Dayna Ghirardelli, Monique Moretti & Kristy Spaletta.
Barbie gets assistance from Joyce Leveroni (apologies for the bad photography Joyce).
 Angie Bordessa lights the tower.

 Our favorite hand-guy Sam arrived to work out some glitches.....
with his Jr. assistant!

Thank you to all the helpers.  Even if you aren't in the photos, we appreciate every minute of the time you put in to make the hall and event another beautifully successful one!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Congratulations Gamlake Dairy!

Congratulations Gamlake Dairy!
2013 Sonoma County Fair Outstanding Dairy of the Year
(Photo from
Stacey & Frank Gambonini with
Daughters Alexandra, Samantha & Francesca
and Parents George & Margaret Gambonini

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Petaluma Youth Ag Day

 Petaluma Youth Ag Day, September 2012

A few photos of the Petaluma Youth Ag Day event held last September.
We served up almost 30 pounds of cheese cubes to the students.  Many had never tried the Colby-Jack cheese and it was quickly a favorite for repeat tasters.

We also ran the North Bay Dairy Women PowerPoint presentation for the students.

Those Dairy Women who attend and help with this event always enjoy it.....great students, great participants, super "herd" leaders and wonderful event organization by the Ag Committee.