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2013 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest

2013 District #3 Dairy Princess Contest
April 13, 2012

First Up....Set Up for the Event
On April 13 North Bay Dairy Women and California Milk Advisory Board
hosted the 56th Annual District #3 Dairy Princess Contest & Ball.
Our Contest Chair, Judy Buttke, did another outstanding job of organizing the event.

The theme this year was "Moo-la-Lah".
Thank you to all the ladies & a few good men who turned out to help decorate & prepare for the Saturday night event.  Decorations were under the direction of Paulette Swallow.
Here are a few photos from Friday.

The only (not so good) photo of Paulette!
Helpers are Howard Wilson & Janice Kehoe.
  Cathy Nommsen, Melissa Lema, Annette Grossi, Linda Moretti & Shirley Bianchi
at the task everyone loves to hate...silverware wrapping.
 Centerpieces by Barbie Brooks.
Clarette McDonald & Kristy Spaletta work on the photo board.
 Stage decorations taking shape with Chris Camozzi, Angie Bordessa, Judy Buttke, Rachael Cheda, Mike Moretti & Susan Bianchi.
Dayna Ghirardelli, Monique Moretti & Kristy Spaletta.
Barbie gets assistance from Joyce Leveroni (apologies for the bad photography Joyce).
 Angie Bordessa lights the tower.

 Our favorite hand-guy Sam arrived to work out some glitches.....
with his Jr. assistant!

Thank you to all the helpers.  Even if you aren't in the photos, we appreciate every minute of the time you put in to make the hall and event another beautifully successful one!!

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